Lost Book

Update: Somehow I thought the spine looked like the spine of another book I own so in my search rather than read titles I was looking for a specific color scheme.  I eventually found the book among my books on Calvinism which in and of itself is strange but my library is in need of serious reorganizing so it’s not too surprising.

You might remember that a couple of weeks ago I posted about receiving three big books in the mail.  Well, the copy of R. K. Harrison’s Introduction to the Old Testament that I bought from Mike Aubrey has gone missing.  I’ve looked on all my shelfs, behind my desk, in my daughter’s room, and in every other conceivable place that this massive (1300+ pages!) volume might be and I’ve turned up nothing.  I’d hate to think that it was stolen but then again nobody’s been here to steal it.  If you’re the praying type then pray that I might find it.  Catholics, if you’d like to beseech St. Jude’s help on my behalf then please do.


8 thoughts on “Lost Book

  1. Your daughter is reading it in her tree house. Or maybe it’s in the loo. Men read in there I’ve heard…

    I’ll pray for you. :-)

  2. Mike: I found it about an hour after writing this post. I’ll have to update it.

    TC: I suspected him as well but it turned up.

    Steph: If only she had a tree house! And you’ve heard correctly, I get a lot of reading done in there. My loo comes furnished with a small theological library.

  3. My prayer worked?! :-) Wonderful news. (I bet it was in the loo). I lost a few books in transit from pole to pole. Devastating.

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