Making the Grade

Not a few bloggers (e.g., Chris Brady; James McGrath; Drew Tatusko) have been pointing to Anna M. Blanch’s ongoing review of Christian Colleges Top 100 Theology Blogs on her blog Goannatree.  In the 12th post of her series she comes to the “writings” category in which my blog was listed and here’s what she had to say about it:

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth: This blog provides an outlet for Nick Norelli’s book reviews on theological books. He also has an interesting array of links in his Scholar’s Corner section. This is the first blog that truly fits the “writings” category. His categories are the best part of his design which seems confused as to whether it is cartoonish or scholarly (he can have it both ways, i don’t mind). I like the header picture.

Making the Grade:
Scope – A
– B
Theological Leanings – ? (NOT calvinist…)

I assure you, it’s all cartoonish!  I must give credit for “recent commentations” to acclaimed rapper Ludacris for introducing me to the term “commentations” and Esteban Vázquez for urging me to use it as the title to the comments section of my sidebar.  I’m also glad to fit the “writings” category (is that like the equivalent of Ketuvim?) because, well, I write stuff!  That being said, her grade was fair, although an A++ would have been preferred for quality.  Of course I’m a Pentecostal so “NOT calvinist” was definitely accurate while the question mark was a bit off the mark (btw, would the question mark best represent those pesky postmodern types? — Bryan L., what do you think?).  In any event, if you were on that Top 100 Theology Blogs list then you might like to see how Anna graded your blog.



11 thoughts on “Making the Grade

  1. I’m copping it from all sides tonight (except from you Nick)! (smile)
    I meant to be “obvious” as Esteban calls my observation that Nick is not a calvinist….I wasn’t aiming to offer insight into the dark reaches of Nick’s theology – not really my place to do so.

    As for your philosophical standpoint – do you think yourself to be a postmodern Nick?

  2. Esteban: Sage advice nonetheless.

    Bryan: God forbid!!!

    Celucien: Many thanks, and you are correct!

    Goannatree: Really? Who’s dishing it out tonight? And Esteban is referring to his suggesting that I change my comments title to “recent commentations” — that was the obvious suggestion. But no, I’m defiitely no postmodern. I just think that if a symbol were to represent postmoderns it would be the question mark since they don’t seem to know anything. ;-)

    Mike: I think it’s an annotated blogroll with 100 blogs on it.

  3. Nick, i thought esteban was commenting on my description of you not being a calvinist…(i guess it was a little self-centred of me!). I was actually referring to some other reviews where people didn’t take so kindly to what i had written (in short i was joking….but it was out of context, so (not really sure what to say about that…moving on))

    true…my question marks aren’t really post modern either. more a genuine, ? , that i didn’t know or couldn’t ascertain to my satisfaction in the author’s own words…

    Mike, take a look at some of the review posts – i am planning a summary post once i am done with part 13 and 14 [this thing has become bigger than ben hur] to summarise my opinions on the list. I think calling it an annotated list is actually a little generous. It is a list….

  4. Goannatree: I just read the reaction on Shuck and Jive. And I understand your reason for the question marks; I was just having a bit of fun. Drew tatusko actually thought it was a good representation of his beliefs. Keeps em’ guessing I guess.

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