Sweet Resources

One of the greatest benefits of blogging and reading blogs is the dissemination of information.  Today is a great example of that as James McGrath directs us to his Butler University Libraries page in which a number of his articles and book reviews are available for immediate reading/download.  Unfortunately the books are not for all to view which sucks for me since I’ve been dying to read John’s Apologetic Christology for well over a year now.  Roger Pearse also links to the transcription (in Arabic) and [English] translation of Abu Al-Majdalus’ Commentary on the Nicene Creed.  Both of those linked files are MS Word documents so I’ve taken the liberty of converting the English translation into a PDF file for those who prefer that format and I’ve also placed the texts alongside one another in an Arabic-English parallel version.  I’m sure Roger wouldn’t mind.


2 thoughts on “Sweet Resources

  1. Not a bit – glad you did this! I’d have done it myself, if I’d had time. But that’s the joy of public domain – we can all do what we want!

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