R.I.P. Harold Hoehner (1935 – 2009)

Peter Head recently announced the death of Harold Hoehner over at Evangelical Textual Criticism.  In his post he links to the tribute to Dr. Hoehner on the DTS website.  I can’t say that I’ve read a lot of what Hoehner has written, but I have read quite a bit of the festschrift composed in his honor: Interpreting the New Testament Text: Introduction to the Art and Science of Exegesis.  If the introduction to this text and the tribute on the DTS website are accurate (and I have no reason to believe that they are not) then Hoehner seems like he was a great man dedicated to serving Christ.  My prayers and condolences will be with his friends and family.  Perhaps I’ll use this news as an excuse to dive into the works of a clearly significant individual.


9 thoughts on “R.I.P. Harold Hoehner (1935 – 2009)

  1. Since his most important work is a commentary and you hate reading commentaries, you might want to start somewhere else…though you may very well enjoy his introduction, which could be considered a book in of itself.

  2. I don’t personally have Hoehner’s Ephesians commentary – but have read parts ont he Amazon reader feature – I do want to get a hard copy asap – but Baker is choosey about who they send stuff too… but I would be more than happy to receive and review one from any such kind soul who thinks a small church pastor, such as myself, should own such a commentary… ;)

  3. Brian: Yeah, I like to picture us still learning in heaven. I’ve often said that I’d love to sit in on Jesus and Isaiah’s Bible studies. :-)

    Mike: Well, I hate reading through commentaries, but I don’t mind referencing them. I’ll give his bibliography a look and see what jumps out at me.

    Brian: You could buy a copy, ya know? ;-)

    Esteban: Indeed!

  4. Harold did indeed embody all of the wonderful traits that people have ascribed to him. The man wouldn’t budge one inch when it came to high academic standards, but he’d bend over backwards when a student needed his help.

    Today when I picked up my 6-year old daughter from school, I told her that I was sad because one of my teachers went to be with Jesus. She promptly said, “But Daddy, that’s sad news and happy news at the same time. And that’s not a contradiction!” From the mouths of babes…

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