UFC 94 Afterthoughts

Tonight’s fights did not disappoint!  I think the highlights were definitely Lyoto Michita’s knockout of Thiago Silva at the very end of the first round and without a doubt Georges St-Pierre’s complete domination of B. J. Penn.  I don’t think that GSP even got hit save maybe a single jab early in the first round.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, GSP is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world (with Anderson Silva a close second).

I was disappointed that Stephan Bonnar lost because I’ve been rooting for him since he was on the first season of The Ultimate Fighter.  The kid he fought, Jon Jones, was just too strong, too fast, and too good at taking him down early on in the fight.  Toward the end though Bonnar had a chance to make something happen since Jones was tired, but he ultimately failed to do enough damage to make a decision win plausible.  I was surprised more than disappointed to see Nate Diaz take his first loss in the octagon against Clay Guida.  I’ve always said that Guida is the best loser I’ve ever seen since he fought so hard in the first few fights I saw him in but ultimately ended up losing them.  Well tonight was a different story; he stayed busy enough to win a split decision but funnily enough this isn’t the best I’ve seen him fight.

Now I’m looking forward to the two free shows they have coming up in the next three weeks.  Next Saturday night at 9 PM (EST) on Spike TV will be UFC Fight Night Live from Tampa, FL with Joe Lauzon and Jeremy Stephens as the main event.  Both fighters are pretty explosive but I have to be honest in saying that neither have really impressed me in their previous fights.  Then two weeks after that on Saturday, February 21 at 9 PM (EST) Spike TV will air UFC 95: Sanchez vs. Stevenson.  I’m really looking forward to this because Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez who won the first season of The Ultimate Fighter as a middleweight (185 lbs.) and then had a successful run at welterweight (170 lbs.), will be making his debut as a lightweight (155 lbs.) and fighting The Ultimate Fighter’s season 2 welterweight winner (who has long since dropped down to lightweight) Joe “Daddy” Stevenson.  I appreciate the way that both of these fighters conduct themselves in the octagon and they’ve both treated me to many an entertaining fight.  It will be interesting to see how they match up against each other.



2 thoughts on “UFC 94 Afterthoughts

  1. I called it for BJ Penn and was embarrassed by his poor showing. GSP essentially counted on his lack of conditioning and Penn proved him right. Its pathetic for Penn to consider himself the best and lose fight after in the gym.

  2. Jeremiah: I never thought that Penn had a chance. I’m not even sure that his conditioning was a factor; I think that GSP was just so dominant that it wouldn’t have mattered how much wind Penn had in him.

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