How I Mark My Books

Bryan L asked how other people go about writing notes in their books and then in the comments to his post suggested that I take some pictures of what I do and post them, perhaps even making it a meme.  Well, here’s the pictures (click to enlarge) and if you feel like doing the same then consider yourself tagged.

These three are from the book A Brief History of the Doctrine of the Trinity in the Early Church.

writing-1   writing-2   writing-3

These three are from Don’t Stop Believing: Why Living Like Jesus is Not Enough.

writing-4   writing-5   writing-6

This last picture is from my first “serious” Bible (which has not been in use since it fell apart on me a couple of years ago).




10 thoughts on “How I Mark My Books

  1. Awesome! That’s some good stuff there. It’s really interesting seeing the note taking and highlighting of others. I’ll have to post a few pictures sometime tomorrow when I get a chance. I hope others do too (specifically realistic examples not extreme cases).

    Thanks for sharing. : )

    Bryan L

  2. Bryan: It’s funny that you suggested doing this in your comment because I was thinking about doing it when I read your post originally. I’m glad you gave me the boost to go ahead and do it. And I chose some of the more moderate notes. There are certain books that are marked up worse than that page in my old Bible.

  3. Nick, at one point I wrote/highlighted in my bible sort of the way you did.  But now since I have been switching from various bibles I don’t do that to much any more. 

    As for books, I really like the idea of a summary at the end — I think I am going to implement that in with my books.

    I don’t mind writing in books at all.  I would recommend that you invest in an acid free archival pen, especially if you write in your bibles.  I tend to use a pencil.

  4. I’m with Shaun in not writing in books. However, I go further…absolutely no 3 x 5’s/notebooks…I just let the Holy Spirit do the reminding. After all, Jesus said He would. Also day-planners…totally out. You might say, I lead a rather uncomplicated life.

  5. Robert: I hardly ever write in my Bibles anymore either. I don’t even carry a pen to church because to be honest (and this is terrible to say) I haven’t learned anything new or of value in a very long time.

    The summary points I use mainly for book review books. I tend to read them quickly so that helps to retain some of the information. Books that I read for leisure I take my time with and really to understand the arguments.

    And thanks for the pen recommendation, I’ll keep it in mind.

    Nancy: For book reviewing purposes I almost always have to write in them because if I didn’t I wouldn’t know what to quote. But generally speaking I’m not a note taker. My memory is pretty good and if something is worth remembering then I figure I’ll remember it.

  6. I am an avid notetaker. I write in all my Bibles, and put a star next to things that grab me, a ? if I want to explore something further, and symbols that represent different aspects that I am focusing on at the time. For instance, a JW symbol for things I run across in the scriptures that I can discuss with Jehovah Witnesses, a dove for things representing the Holy Spirit, ect . . .

    I enjoy taking notes and studying the Word, and am always fascinated at the depth found in the scriptures.

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