In Search of a Good Journal Article

I’m looking for a good journal article to read, so as a means of finding one I’m reaching out to you, my faithful audience, in hopes that you’ll be able to point me in the right direction.  I’d like you to leave a comment naming the best journal article you’ve read in the last, let’s say, six months.  English articles only, please.  I don’t read German or French.  If they make heavy use of Hebrew or Greek then that’s fine.  Thanks!



13 thoughts on “In Search of a Good Journal Article

  1. Herman Ridderbos, “The Inspiration and Authority of Scripture”. You can find it online through google. It’s old, but an absolute gem.

  2. I have two for you that I read this quarter:

    Rick Talbot, “Imagining the Matthean Eunuch Community: Kyriarchy on the Chopping Block,” Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion 22.1 (2006): 21–43. [Fascinating take on the Eunuch passage in Matthew. Excellent.]

    H. A. Drake, “Lambs into Lions: Explaining Christian Intolerance,” Past & Present 153 (1996): 3–36. [Amazing work on figuring out how the earliest church went from a “lamb” theology (turn the other cheek, martyrs) to “lions” as the persecuting majority in the Empire. He challenges many simplistic answers that are standard in the field. My prof says that this is history at its best.]

    If you’re interested and can’t get a hold of them, let me know. I have copies of both on my computer.

  3. I read good journal articles all the time, but I can’t think of one that sticks out to me at the moment.

    How about reading the papers for the SBL consultation “Cross, Resurrection and Diversity in Earliest Christianity”? They’re all found here:

  4. Its hard to argue with something by Ridderbos (like what nick suggested)… but I was just eying this… I was thinking about the difference between what I believe and the standard beliefs of pentecostals… I’ve had some very interesting experience working with a pentecostal church in the middle east which I should tell you about some time… suffice it to say that while I disagree with some of the theology I was struck by just how much they were doing the Lord’s work.

    Anyhow, this article is about the difference between 3rd wave (which is probably more where I’d fall), charismatics, and pentecostals…

    I haven’t read the whole thing.. just parts and scanned it… but it seemed interesting if you want a good read. it also seems like an interesting view because its written by reformed types who probably dont believe any of the views…

  5. This isn’t a journal article, and it is specific to a denomination (you can download as PDF). But the insights are excellent. Matthew Harrison wrote a paper called, “It’s Time” to address the situation within the LCMS.

  6. I’ll keep an eye out.
    Two that come to mind (mainly because I don’t read a lot of journal articles) are:

    1.) Troy Martin “Paul’s Argument from Nature for the Veil in 1 Corinthians 11:13–15: A Testicle Instead of a Head Covering” in Journal of Biblical Literature 123-1, Spring 2004. It was interesting reading about ancient physiology and the light is possibly sheds on the NT.

    2.) John J. Collins “The Zeal of Phineas: The Bible and the Legitimation of Violence” in Journal of Biblical Literature 122-1, Spring 2003

    If I come across any others I’ll let you know.

    Bryan L

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