Getting to Know Me

Here’s a few posts in which I share some information about myself.  I’m also including the various interviews that I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of.



7 thoughts on “Getting to Know Me

  1. I hate feet, phones (ask Esteban), and am an insomniac. I’m obnoxious too but in an understated way that often gets misconstrued. I also don’t like talking about myself.

  2. Jeff: It appears that we were siamese twins separated at a young age, although in my separation I was thrust into an environment which encouraged narcissism, hence all the posts about me, me, me! ;)

  3. Well Nick,

    I hardly feel I need to meet you at say, SBL, since – and this despite your innate modesty and deep reserve – you have shared yourself with me in so many interesting ways. :)

    Of course, I might mug you for some books, you greedy so and so!



  4. Hi,
    A Greek student on B-Greek was kind enough to give a link to your site and to a downloadable Greek New Testament. Your site looks interesting. When I have more time I will have to check it out. Our website has Christian literature for free downloading (Bible reading calendar, Self-grading 150 question Bible test, gospel tracts, hymns,etc).
    Best wishes.

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