Question for Doctorate Holders and Candidates

Do you like being called “Dr.” or does it make you uncomfortable?  Or are you indifferent?  For those of you working toward a doctorate, do you think that you’ll want to be called “Dr.” or not?



27 thoughts on “Question for Doctorate Holders and Candidates

  1. Hmmmmmm….good question. Overall I really don’t care.

    At first it was very awkward because it sounded so foreign, but in a way I kind of liked it because there was so much work involved. It was kind of an acknowledgment of the work. It was like, “Oh my, I really finished this.”

    I sort of prefer not, primarily so it never matters to me. I don’t want titles of any kind to be of personal value. I fear pride very much.

  2. I am not working on a Dr. (ThD, or PhD) but you can call me Dr. if you like, I would not mind. Maybe you can give me an honorary Dr. degree from RDTWOT university? What do you think? I’ll give a big donation. ;-)

    I have worked with a few PhD’s in my lifetime and none of them where ever referred to as Dr. so and so. I think that is found more academic circles, unless you are working in the medical field then everyone calls you doctor.

  3. Dr. Yvette: Gotcha. Thanks for answering! :)

    Robert: I’ll make you a deal: Get a few more people over to your line of thinking (i.e., making large donations) and I’ll start up a diploma mill a.s.a.p. ;)

  4. Jeff: To me it depends on how they say it. If I just read “Dr.” so and so I’m usually not bothered, unless of course I know their degree is suspect.

    Chuck: Truer words have never been spoken. ;)

  5. Jeff: You don’t like it when people call themselves Dr. Jeff? Hmm…

    As for me, when I fill out forms (for a shop credit card or to receive a book or email list or something) I occasionally list my title as “Sir” or “Lord” or “Dr” or “Professor”… I really don’t care what people call me, but it’s kinda fun

  6. Matthew: I know a guy who named his son “King Salaam Allah” — no joke! We were in the hospital on the day of his birth when the nurse came in to double-check if that was the proper name or a joke.

  7. if you had the same name as a certain seattle mayor who went around hustling gay guys behind his family’s back, you’d prefer a bit of a reminder that you weren’t him!


  8. The term “doctor” used to carry a weight that is now foreign to us, so it seems a bit pretentious to insist that people address you as “doctor”. There are too many doctors these days, so they might as well call you high school grad.

  9. Jim: Well, when you put it that way… ;)

    Josh: If someone insisted then I’d be sure to call them “Mr.” or “Ms.” or just address them by their first name, just to get on their nerves.

  10. Chuck: True is true, so those words aren’t truer, they’re equally true, although I think “loves free books” would be a bit truer, if it were possible for truth to be truer than a statement that’s true.

  11. Well, a friend of mine was finishing up his doctorate while I was finishing up my masters, so he said, “If I’d call him doctor when he’s done.”

    I said, “Yes, and would you call me master.” :-)

    I’m serious.

  12. TC: Nice! :-P Why don’t they call people with Master’s degrees “master”? I wonder… Although, in the culinary world, when a chef has his Master’s he’s called a “master chef.”

  13. Nick, no one has called me master yet because of my degree. I’m wondering the same thing. :-)

    But I have no problem in calling someone a doctor, whether earned accreditedly or unaccreditedly but a good school like Whitefield or Bob Jones back in the day, or an honorary doctorate.

  14. TC: Like I said to Jeff above, if the doctorate is suspect (like from a diploma mill) then I won’t call them “Dr.”

    Chuck: μὴ γένοιτο! I thought I was quoting Shakespeare. :?

  15. Ah ha! That’s the look Jim West was going for with the new haircut, but he chickened out on the little ponytail!

    Jim West, world’s oldest padawan learner. Tee hee.

  16. Matthew, if you’re still reading I just saw your comment. ha. Please don’t call me Dr. Jeff.

    I think calling someone else Dr. can be a sign of respect but when people insist on putting letters in front of or after their name on every written correspondence I have to wonder why they feel a need to do that.

    But I’m not a doctorate holder or candidate, which would be a true miracle, so my comments aren’t really relevant.

    Came back here from the Carnival link.

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