What the Cameras Didn’t Catch

In the latest episode of Biblioblogger’s Big Brother Jim West notes:

To make it all even more bizarre, while all this was going on outside, Antonio, Nick, James Crossley and James Spinti were arguing about which of them had the most popular biblioblog. This alarmed the producers and all four were warned that they too faced severe penalties and potential removal if the argument escalated to the physical.

Here’s the conversation that the camera’s didn’t catch:

James Crossley: Listen up chaps, I think it rather obvious that mine is the most popular biblioblog, after all, I post about things related to Biblical studies more than the whole lot of you! And who out of the bunch of us does Jim West agree with the most? Think about that!

Nick: But James, posting four times a year doesn’t equate to posting “more” about much of anything. And let’s not forget that Kevin Edgecomb long ago put to rest the notion that blogs related to Biblical themes should be called “biblioblogs.” So yours is more of a “biblicablog” to borrow Kevin’s neologism.

Mine on the other hand is a “biblioblog,” from the Greek biblos + logos meaning: “to say a word about books.” Nobody talks about books more than me. I post 75 book reviews a month, beg my readers to buy me books, post about upcoming books that I’d like to read, I receive about 17 books a month from publishers and I’m sure to alert my audience to that fact, and I take pictures of all my books after I’ve rearranged them just to show how obsessed with books I am! Mine, sir, is a biblioblog!

You got me on the Jim West thing, but a single man-crush does not the most popular biblioblog make.

James Spinti: Yeah, ok Nick, but you post other nonsense such as top 10 lists and stuff related to theology and rap music, whatever that is.  <idle musing>The Mamas and the Papas never sang no rap, did they?</idle musing>  I on the other hand actually sell books <idle musing>Eisenbrauns might cost more money but you get what you pay for!</idle musing>  And let us not forget that I post hardly anything besides quotes from books. <idle musing>Terrorism is wrong, and Crossley, Norelli, and Lombatti are clearly terrorists, what, with their hostility, and arguing that they have the best blog and all.  Let’s throw on our flip flops, grab some bean sprouts, and sing a Hebrew love song.</idle musing> And to top it all off, I only read books, I don’t even own a television!!

Antonio: Facci pace col cervello! Siete tutti pazzi! [Antonio spits and it ricochets off of Spinti’s forehead onto Crossley’s thousand-dollar Gucci shoes] I’a hava da mosta, how you say, popolari bloga della bibbia.

The transcript gets cut off after this because in a fit of rage Antonio ripped off his microphone and started beating his extremely hairy Italian chest like some sort of King Kong impersonater. This forced the Big Brother producers to intervene and keep things from turning violent.


8 thoughts on “What the Cameras Didn’t Catch

  1. LOL!!
    Good stuff. I didn’t catch the actual show but the stuff that got edited out and wasn’t shown on tv was great!!

    man-crush… Hah!!!

  2. Bryan: I thought it necessary to get the whole story out there so people aren’t forced to speculate. :-P

    And HT to you for the man-crush bit… :lol:

  3. Fantastic! But of course you know why such things are edited out. They aren’t fit for family viewing. We have our sponsors to satisfy don’t ya know.


  4. Nick,

    You obviously haven’t seen our August sale. Try to get Brill to give you a book for under $10.00 : )

    By the way, my musical tastes run from Classical all the way through Rap, and on into heavy metal. About the only thing I don’t like is Opera.

    But, I like this version better than Jim’s!


  5. James: Oh come on, that’s not fair, comparing Eisenbrauns to Brill!!! They’re like the mafia of the bookselling world. ;) And yes, I have seen the August sale, it’s fantastic! I only wish I were more into OT and ANE studies because a lot of those volumes look great.

    Good to know about the rap music. I’ll keep that in mind. :)

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