New Book: Beyond Me

Last night I was contacted by a very nice woman named Cheryl C. Malandrinos who asked me if I’d be interested in reviewing the new book of author Kathi Macias entitled Beyond Me: Living a You-First Life in a Me-First World.  Believe it or not I actually had to decline the offer because I have a lot of reviews to work on and I won’t be able to get it completed by August which is when they’ll be promoting it via a virtual book tour.  But I informed Cheryl that I’d be happy to put the word out and let people know about this new book.  So here’s the info:


Living with others in Mind: Beyond Me is an invitation to pursue true discipleship. Using sometimes humorous but always vulnerable and meaningful examples, Beyond Me ties together current, historical, and biblically documented insights and teachings to encourage you to aspire to the higher calling of true discipleship. Beyond Me is appropriate for individual or small-group settings.

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6 thoughts on “New Book: Beyond Me

  1. Thanks for posting a spotlight Nick. I’ve read this book and it’s powerful. Kathi offers indepth insights into some well known parables, which I found particularly interesting. There were even a couple of moments when I cried.

    This is definitely not a book to be read and tossed onto the bookshelf. You’ll want to read it time and again to help you along your spiritual journey

    Thanks again.


  2. I’ve not read the book either but I have read the excerpts and info about the book and there is such a powerful message here and that’s what divides the good books from the mediocre books. Good luck on the rest of your virtual book tour, Kathi!

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