Slightly Imperfect

The other day I mentioned that I purchased a wide margined BHS for a little over $33 because it was ‘slightly imperfect.’  I’m very happy to have received it in the mail this morning, and the damages are ridiculously minimal.  Take a look (click to enlarge):

A small chip on the top edge of the front cover and three small dents along the bottom edge of the front cover.  The pages and text are perfectly intact, and those margins are really wide!  This was a great deal!



6 thoughts on “Slightly Imperfect

  1. Nick,

    That’s pretty much normal. We sell “damaged” books at a discount all the time with nothing more than dented covers or bent corners on the spine. If you look on our used book list, you will see in the comments “New” with a description of the damage.

    You can’t sell them as new because the customer is entitled to undamaged goods.


  2. James: I only wish all book retailers did this. I’ve gotten new books that came with dents and nicks in them or ripped dust jackets (not from shipping either, they were shrink wrapped like this). And I know that your ‘used’ products are top notch from the BDAG I got from you.

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