What’s Everyone Think?

Update II: The picture you see below was too glary so I’ve gone to my trusty old Church Fathers header.

Update: I’ve switched from the picture you see below to what you see now.  Still glare, but at least it’s what I’m used to.

Of my new header image?  Should I stick with this for a while or switch immediately to a picture of one of my bookshelves?  I’m not used to this look so I don’t know how much I like it yet.  Let me know what you think.  Thanks.



22 thoughts on “What’s Everyone Think?

  1. I think its fine. Though the flash glare is a bit distracting. Is there anyway you can get the picture without flash and lighten the image up digitally?

  2. TC: I’m undecided. It’s different than what I’m used to and I usually run from change.

    Bryan: No way I can get the pictures without glare. I just take them and crop them. I never paid for all the upgrades to my Corell program and I don’t have any fancy photoshop programs either. You’ll notice that all my header pictures have flash glares on them.

    Bryan L: Thanks! You’ve just confirmed my suspicions!

  3. No way I can get the pictures without glare.

    Take the books outside on a cloudy day and take your photo. No flash, no glare, no need to a software program to enhance the lighting.

  4. TC: Since I’m not fluent in Hebrew or Greek I need it! I also have a bunch of stuff not in the photo (e.g., TDNT; Wuest’s Word Studies in the GNT (4 vols.); my trusty old Strong’s; and some more Hebrew and Greek Bibles). The sad thing is that there’s soooo much more that I want to get!

  5. Nick, if you set your camera on a stable surface you can simply lower your shutter speed instead of using the flash. That should get rid of the glare.

  6. Mike: Thanks for the tip. I actually had it on the tripod for the pic of the Greek and Hebrew resources. I’ll have to look at the manuel and see if I can figure out how to lower the speed.

  7. I have NIDNTT but not TDNT. Can you believe that? For some reason I’m slow in getting TDNT.

    Reference books are great! Get all that you can now. That’s what I’m trying to do. My wife doesn’t understand. haha

  8. TC: I got TDNT as a Christmas gift from my parents a couple years back. CBD had it on sale for $100 at the time! I’ve thought about getting the abridged version of NIDNTT because I hear it’s really good, but I haven’t gotten around to doing it.

    And I know what you mean about your wife not understanding. My sister was over here the other day and asked me if I read all of these books that I have. I said of course not and she asked why I keep getting them? If only she understood the mind of a Bibliophile.

  9. Nick, I’ve seen the CDB special but since I had the NIDNNT, I didn’t bother.

    “The mind of a Bibliophile,” I like that! I’ll have to drop my wife next time. haha. By the way, Do you have an extra room? haha

  10. Nick if you are into theological dictionaries like TDNT or NIDNNT you should check out the criticisms of them and “word studies” and by Barr and those who’ve followed him like Turner & Cotterell, D.A. Carson and I’m assuming Moises Silva (if you haven’t already).


  11. Bryan: What books or articles would you recommend? And when you say “word studies” do you mean Wuest’s volumes, or word studies in and of themselves?

  12. The glare is from using the flash on the camera. There wouldn’t be a way to get rid of this unless you don’t use the flash. That’s why Mike and ElShaddai suggested what they did. If you can use light from a window and put the camera on a stable surface as Miike suggested and turn the flash off if your camera allows you to, that will help. I used an external flash bounced off the ceiling for this one:
    Bible Commentary Lists and Reviews (Updated) although I don’t like the lack of sharpness in how this ended up looking as a jpeg at this size.

  13. Jeff: Thanks for the tips. It’s not going to be possible to move the bookcase in front of a window and when I turn the flash off there’s not good enough lighting in the room to make the picture come out clearly. In the end I’m just going to have to settle for pitures with glare in them. I blame the publishers for producing all of these glossy books! Such is life…

  14. You’re welcome. Do you live in a cave? (I was raised in one.) An impossible situation.

    The one you have now looks very good. The hardcovers without the dust jackets seem to work the best. That selection of books looks really nice for a header.

  15. Jeff: Not a cave, but I’d have to rearrange too many things as well as go through the motions of clearing out all of the books in the bookcase in order to move it in front of the window. Too much trouble to reduce glare.

    And thanks, I rather like that header myself.

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