Because We Might Not See Another One: BSC 111111

From David to N.T. Wrong to Chuck to Me (with Iyov in there somewhere), I present to you my top 5 posts written (but not really) by some of my favorite bloggers this month.

Here are the rules:

a. Tag five Biblical studies bloggers.
b. Invent fictional posts that they might have written over the last month.
c. Link to this post.

1. Chris Tilling: Zum Thema: NT Wright hat in allem mehr recht als Zwingli 

2. Ben Witherington: Burnt Out From Book Writing So Here’s Another Boring Post

3. Tim Ricchuiti: Can We Pronounce My Last Name?  Obama says: “Yes We Can!”

4. Peter Kirk: On Todd Bentley: Spinning Back-Fists for Jesus

5. James Spinti: Ya know… Whatever Amazon does Eisenbrauns does Better!

Note: Failure to keep this meme going will result in the offender being forced to listen to Todd Bentley reading the complete works of Zwingli.



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