Air Conditioned Annoyance

So I live in a cape cod, right… which is a style of home, or so I’m told.  Anyway, if you live in a cape then you know that the upstairs rooms stay cold in the winter regardless of heat and hot in the summer regardless of central air.  How does one remedy this?  By zoning the house.  Basically this means adding a new central air unit for the upstairs.  It just so happens that our circuit breaker was completely filled up, so we had to upgrade from 100 amp to 150 amp to make more room.  This entailed being without electricity for most of today.  That was only slightly annoying since I ended up taking my nephew to my sister’s house.  But now I have to remove a large bookcase from my room because that’s where the register for the air is going to be going.  That’s very annoying since it is my main bookcase, and I’ll have to remove all of the books, and set it up in the hallway because there’s nowhere else to put it.  So I’m off to dust, take down books, and move the case.  Color me very annoyed!



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