Thus Saith the Lord?

Question for Pentecostal/Charismatics:

Does God speak the King’s English?  I can’t be alone in noticing the trend amongst those who prophesy in our services to say “thus saith the Lord,” can I?  Makes me wonder if the NIV were more popular in our circles if those prophesying would say: “this is what the Lord says.”  

Just another of the many things that makes me go “hmm.”



8 thoughts on “Thus Saith the Lord?

  1. I think God condescends to everyone he speaks to even to the point of working through their grammar and the biblical language & translation they revere.


  2. Usually “thus saith the lord” is a clue that i should use discernment for whatever comes next. I was in a church where prophecy was abused quite a bit, and one person in particular used this as his pet phrase.

  3. Nathan: Discernment is key when someone purports to be prophesying. If I had a nickel for every time someone prophe-lied I’d be a rich man.

    Brian: Sad but true (some times).

  4. sometimes, prophecies are just someone venting about a situation they are frustrated with and want to correct it – or is that a prayer request (really just gossip)?

  5. I don’t hear prophetic words starting like that anymore. I use to all the time, but that was more like 20 years ago, when the KJV or NKJV was more domineering.

    Also I have noticed that when I do hear a prophetic interpretation they tend to be more encouraging words.

  6. Robert: I’d say a good 80% of what passses for prophecy in my circles is nonsense. It’s usually something about going to ‘another level’ or God wanting to bless someone ‘exceedingly and abundantly.’ So I guess you can call those encouraging words, although I fear that it’s the wrong kind of encouragment.

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