1. The Hunger for Drama in a Thin World

kt.jpgMoreland, J. P.

Kingdom Triangle: Recover the Christian Mind, Renovate the Soul, Restore the Spirit’s Power

Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2007. Pp. 237. Hardcover. $19.99.

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In Kingdrom Triangle, Christian philosopher J. P. Moreland examines three different worldviews: Naturalism, Postmodernism, and Christianity, arguing for the consistency, validity, and truthfulness of the latter.  As the subtitle to the book suggests, Moreland’s “Kingdom Trinagle” consists of a (1) recovery of the Christian mind, (2) renovation of the soul, and (3) restoration of the Spirit’s power.  If the Church can accomplish these three things then it should be able to greatly impact the world around it, even in the midst of competing worldviews.

In chapter one Moreland begins with a brief story about a missionary in Africa who received a miraculous answer to the prayers of a young girl.  He sketches out what the response to this story would be from the three worldviews that he addresses in the book, but notes one thing that all parties would agree on, that is, the drama in the story.  He notes a longing for drama that exists within the human condition and goes on to outline various ways in which this plays out, most notably in the pursuit of happiness.  Moreland does well to show that with Naturalism’s and Postmodernism’s emphasis on individualistic happiness, they end up resulting in anything but what they so strongly desire.

Moreland also gives a preliminary view of what the difference is between a ‘thin world’ and a ‘thick world.’  Basically, a ‘thin world’ is a world in which there are no absolutes, and very little meaning.  Naturalism and Postmodernism fit into this category.  A ‘thick world’ is the polar opposite; it’s a world in which things have meaning, a world in which we live for a higher purpose.  He says that Islam fits into a ‘thick world’ even if it is ultimately a false belief system.  He closes the chapter by asking what he calls “five crucial questions”:

  1. What is real?
  2. What are the nature and limits of knowledge?
  3. Who is well off? What is the good life?
  4. Who is a really good person?
  5. How does one become a really good person? [p. 34]


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