Rearranging Things

My desk is a mess, and no matter how much I straighten it out, it just gets messy again a few minutes later.  The only thing I can get done at my desk is typing or paying bills.  I can’t lay any books out to really study, and I don’t sit there for leisure reading either.  But I need a clean work area where I can sit unfettered by mess, for when I take up learning Hebrew on the morrow.  So last night I decided that a change was in order and I needed to rearrange a few things.

I took a small table out of my hallway and moved it into my room.  I took a bookcase that was in my room and moved it out into the hallway.  After having done this I decided that I might as well take the initiative and rearrange the books in all of my bookcases, and that I did.  I still have a few adjustments to make, but I’m happy with the overall placement of everything.  Problem is, I need another bookcase and I have absolutely nowhere to put it.  Here’s a picture of the bookcase I moved out into the hallway.  This has pretty much all of my commentaries, as well as Schaff’s History of the Christian Church, and some dictionaries on top.

But I’m most excited about my new study area.  On my little table I have only the essentials for learning Hebrew and Greek:

Here’s a picture of where I will be spending at least an hour each morning trying to learn the Biblical languages:



12 thoughts on “Rearranging Things

  1. Awesome Nick!
    I’ve been spending my evenings working through Trenchard’s “Complete Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament,” longing for the day when I will simply be able to open my Greek NT and read. Needless to say your simple picture of your desk and willingness to spend an hour each morning working on reading the text has inspired me. Thanks!

  2. I am in serious need of another bookshelf. My wife is starting to get seriously irritated by the stacks of books piling up, and I’m having trouble getting to everything.

  3. Nick,

    Good luck on learning the languages. Setting aside a specific place and time to study each day goes a long way. Also, thanks for posting pictures of how you arranged those books on a shelf. I’m such a book geek… I’m always fascinated by how people choose to organize their books.

  4. Errr, I meant to mention something else. I have a really hard time studying at a desk. Generally I read outside, on the couch, at the dining room table, or in bed. Probably the computer on my desk is the main reason I can’t study there. 8)

  5. Nathan: I know what you mean. I had a stack of like more than 30 books on my desk. As it stands, I put some books on top of the bookcase in the hallway, boxed up some books from my other bookcase in the hallway, moved books over to my little study table, and I still have books on my desk with nowhere to put them!

    And I can understand being distracted by the computer. If I’m not using it to study, then I don’t get anything done but blogging. If there’s no computer then I’ll get a lot accomplished, hence my new little table. :)

    Shaun: Thanks! Don’t be surprised if I shoot you an email or two when I get into trouble. And I’m the same way when it comes to book-geekiness. I love seeing pictures of peoples’ books!

    Celucien: Thanks! I don’t plan on using it for anything other than learning languages, so let’s all pray that it pays off!

  6. Bookshelf pictures always make me feel happy, too. Your neatly arranged shelf brought back fond memories of my Greek professor’s office.

    I share your problem of needing more bookshelves, but not having any space left for more. Inside wall space for bookshelves is a bigger deal to me than actual square footage on a house :)

  7. eclexia:

    “Inside wall space for bookshelves is a bigger deal to me than actual square footage on a house”

    You and me both!!!

    And if you like bookshelf pics, then this post will be of interest to you. :)

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