Free Stuff from Logos!

Phil Gons just posted on the Logos Bible Software blog that they’re running a contest and offering some Logos credit to the winner.  All you have to do is add the Logos blog to your blogroll to be eligible for the prize.  All you folks that use Logos for your Bible Study will want to get in on that.  Go over and check out the rules.

Now, I don’t mean to toot my own horn… but I will.  This was all my idea! :-D  I won’t go into details, but trust me, if you win then you have me to thank.  I think you should thank me by buying me a book off of my Amazon wish list, or by petitioning Logos to send me the Scholar’s Library: Gold for free. ;-)


Update: For some reason or another, now the post doesn’t mention winning the free Logos shwag.  I don’t know what that’s about, but I hope the fine folks at Logos will shed some light on the issue.

Update II: Phil Gons has informed 7 of us by email that after some “internal discussion” the plans changed and the offer was removed from the original post. 


8 thoughts on “Free Stuff from Logos!

  1. Glad you documented the contest. It seems it disappeared from Logos’ blog quickly thereafter, and was replaced with a “let’s exchange links” post. Wonder what happened there.

  2. Joe: Thanks for the heads up, I’ve updated the post to reflect this.

    Roger: You’re very welcome.

    Charles: Thanks, and fantastic! They’re great books, aren’t they?

    Chuck: Thems is the facts. It was all my idea and I think it only right to reward me, no matter who the winner is.

    But I do wonder if my spilling the beans over it being my idea is what got the post changed??? :?

  3. Update: It’s you, No Really, bankrupting these folk with all your incessant demands for free stuff.

    Don’t you know it’s government’s job to give away stuff, not the private sector?

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