Misspelled Words Survey

What words do you see misspelled most often when reading blog posts? 

I notice a heavy trend to spell ‘lose’ as ‘loose’ and ‘Arminian’ as ‘Armenian.’  The problem with these misspellings is that they are words in their own right and can completely change the meaning of the sentence they are found in. 

So if a Calvinist calls all Armenians heretics then they’ve just indicted an entire race of people rather than adherents to a theological system. 

Also, if someone who believes in eternal security says that they don’t believe you can ‘loose’ your salvation it conjures up images of salvation being like a donkey tied to a post. 

Give me the top two or three words that you see misspelled on a regular basis. 


6 thoughts on “Misspelled Words Survey

  1. I never misspell anything. Unless I am doing it on purpose. Those who do (Internet Monk and BW3 are chief among sinners) use it as a form of self-flagellation. I caught Jim West with an omitted apostrophe yesterday but I didn’t have time to mock him publicly. You as a WordPress blogger are far less likely to misspell than someone like Estêbªn.

  2. I have terrible spelling. I do it all the time. I constantly have to update my posts because I catch stuff. Usually though it has more to do with the way I write. I write straight through ’till I’m finished and then I go back and try to reword things. Often I leave a word in there that I meant to remove, or a word that fit in the previous sentence doesn’t get updated to match the revised sentence. Most of my spelling mistakes are accidental rather than me actually not knowing the correct spelling.

    One of the words I misspell all the time is surprised. I spell it as “suprised”

    There are also a few others but I can’t think of them off the top of my head. I’m sure I’ll misspell them soon so I will post back when I do.

    BTW I misspelled “misspell” a couple of times when writing this comment as “mispell”.


  3. My most recent find is shoting. I also naturally spell suprise, and then Firefox prompts me to correct it to surprise. Yet another reason to use Firefox I suppose…

  4. Bryan: Yeah, the misspell thing got me too.

    Nathan: I think if you check again, you’ll see it was spelled correctly the entire time. ;) I should sue you for liable* :-P

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