The Evil Zwingli Meme

Chris Tilling tagged me with the Evil Zwingli meme.  Here are the rules:

  1. Post something rude about Zwingli. (Outrageous slander especially welcome.)
  2. Tag someone who is NOT Jim West”

Well, I don’t really know who this Zwingli fellow is since he clearly wasn’t important enough to have lived from the first to fourth century, but as John Hobbins pointed out many moons ago, Zwingli was an inerrantist.  And after reading up on this guy (whoever he is) on Wikipedia (which is probably the most reliable source of information on the internet) I found out that he attended the University of Vienna and the University of Basel which leads me to believe that he probably spent a lot of time making sausage and Italian salads.  Oh yeah, and as Peter Kirk so aptly stated:

I’m sure Zwingli would have had Jim West burned at the stake for his attitude to Scripture, if he hadn’t first had him drowned for being a Baptist.

I’d tag Esteban Vázquez but he owes me like 6 memes and is also part of Jim’s Zwingli fan club on facebook, so instead I tag the Targuman himself, Chris Brady.



13 thoughts on “The Evil Zwingli Meme

  1. Oh you’re teetering on the brink of woe…
    Citing Hobbins, who knows nothing about Zwingli- and Wiki- which knows less than Hobbins- and the Kirk, who knows less that Hobbins and Wiki combined about Zwingli! Appalling. I’ll pray for your soul.

  2. Well, you got that much right: I’d sooner die than say of Zwingli anything like your despicable and impertinent comments above. May God have mercy on your soul!

    (However, I will admit that I took a bit of a perverse delight in Kirk’s comment back when I first read it, even if it quite obviously frothed from the mouth of Hell. ;-) )

  3. “I’d sooner die than say of Zwingli anything like your despicable and impertinent comments above. May God have mercy on your soul!”

    Stevielito is channeling Jim! This is spooky. The transformation is almost complete.

  4. And I think I’m a member of the Zwingli group on Facebook but for covert reasons…

  5. Oh Nick- you know – 1) on wordpress you have to log in to have your name displayed as it is here; and 2) I am not one of those cowardly swine who post anonymously or pseudonymously. Such persons are refuse (skubala!)

    Stevio can and does speak for himself- he just has immense sense (which is why he is one of the sacred seven).

  6. Nick, thanks for digging out what I commented about Zwingli and Jim. Jim, thanks for the compliment, for surely the less anyone knows about Zwingli the better!

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