3 Reasons for Blogging Meme

Doug tagged me with the latest meme.  Here are the rules:

Rule 1) List three reasons for your blogging.
Rule 2) List these rules.
Rule 3) Tag three others with the thread.

Like Doug I was confused by Rule #2 but since he explained it all is well.  Here are three reasons I blog:

  1. It’s a way to get all of these thoughts floating around my head out of my head and make room for some new thoughts.  Unlike Doug I don’t forget the things that I have on my mind.  They stay there until I find an outlet for them.  Back in the day it used to be rapping.  Now-a-days it’s writing in the form of blogging.  And I’ve found that there are a lot more people in the blogging community who share thoughts similar to mine and actually take in interest in what I have to say than those I know and encounter in the ‘real’ world. 
  2. It’s a way to keep abreast of current trends in Theological and Biblical studies.  Books and Journals take a while to be written and published but a blog post is always at the tip of the author’s fingers and there are a lot of bright scholars and up-and-comers who are blogging these days.  I learn a lot from all of these people and I love it.  But at the same time I feel a need to contribute something to the discussion otherwise I’d just consider myself a leech.  So I blog as well, even if nobody learns anything from me other than how to love good rap music and be obnoxious. :)
  3. And lastly, I blog because it has become a means of making some really good contacts that I otherwise would have never encountered.  I interact with scholars and scholars-in-training on a regular basis.  I’m in contact with authors and publishers all the time.  When I have a serious question I can just ask.  When I get around to writing a book I’ll already have a sounding board and folks to offer some constructive criticism and sage advice.  The communal aspect of blogging really keeps me doing it, which is why I value comments so much.  When I post something that doesn’t receive any comments I wonder if it was worth posting at all. 

I’ll tag Owen Weddle, Robert Jimenez, and Kevin Edgecomb.



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