Top 10 List: Blog Filler

Bryan L’s recent post about a proposed blogging break and the comments that followed got me thinking a bit. 

In the post itself Bryan said:

I just want to make sure blogging doesn’t become like tv for me which I can really get addicted to and then veg out on and watch a whole lot of it and then look back and wonder whether my time was well spent.

In the comments Brian said:

. . . the wifey doesn’t like me doing it too much (she sees it as a big time waster), I don’t really have the time being a hubby, a daddy, and a pastor, and part-time employee at a local hotel [. . .] I have also been feeling the temptation to want to try to keep up with others who blog daily if not multiple times daily and I need to resist that temptation. I just can’t keep up and shouldn’t have to. . .

Bryan doesn’t want to waste too much time blogging and Brian doesn’t have too much time to blog.  Here’s some advice from a prolific blogger (that would be me) on how to blog regularly while not wasting a terrible amount of time. First of all, you can’t take yourself too seriously.  If your goal is to have a super-serious blog full of only top notch academic material (like Esteban Vázquez) then you probably won’t end up blogging all that often because your posts will require a lot of thought.  So my advice is don’t think, post from the gut. 

Here are the top 10 things to post when you don’t feel like thinking:

1.    Round-ups (why post your original thoughts when you can link to someone else’s?).

2.    Quote of the Day (just copy something out of a book and act like you did something).

3.    Blogroll Updates (no one cares because we all use RSS feeds, but at least the newly added will feel special ))

4.    Pictures (they’re worth a thousand words, so rather than type a thousand words, just paste a pic).

5.    Meme (some of them are thoughtful, but most aren’t, say nothing then tag 5 people).  

6.    Top 10 lists (when all else fails, make a top 10 list, I know I do ;-)). 

7.    Provocative one sentence questions (they’ll draw a lot of comments and you can ride off of that steam).

8.    News stories (there’s always something going on in the world, let someone else know about it).

9.    Disagreements (if you disagree with something someone said on their blog then voice it, just don’t develop any arguments that would require actual thought).

10.  Jokes (if you really got nothing, tell a joke, doesn’t even have to be funny).



2 thoughts on “Top 10 List: Blog Filler

  1. Great advice. I’ll definitely be putting those things into practice with the occasional serious, thoughtful post here and there. I think at the end of the day I really just needed to pull myself away from some of the discussions I was getting into that were like hitting my head against a brick wall or that were really not going anywhere and were just rehashing the same old stuff.

    Thanks for the advice!


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