Apparently Everyone is Black and I’m a White Supremacist

Just received an interesting email from someone named Brandy.  It said:

Just read your blog in regard to Farrakhan and Elijah Muhammed [I don’t know if they meant this one or this one].  If you do not know you will know now.  It has been scientifically proven that ADAM AND EVE WERE BLACK!  THE ORIGINAL MAN WAS BLACK! THE EGYPTIANS WERE BLACK! MOSES WAS BLACK! THE ORIGINAL JEWS ARE BLACK!  ABRAHAM WAS BLACK! JESUS IS AND WAS BLACK!  IN THE BOOK OF REVELATION IT TELLS YOU THAT GOD  HIMSELF IS BLACK!  BUT YOUR WHITE SUPREMACIST THINKING WILL KEEP YOU FROM ACKNOWLEDGING OR ACCEPTING THE TRUTH! The ones who populated this earth was black.  Sorry to tell you but your cousin is absolutely correct.  Beware of false prophets and the teachings of religious zealots. I will not sit here and debate nor argue with you for I know the truth as well as your cousin.  Too bad you are blind to fact or choose not to see it as it truly is due to your white supremacist beliefs.  You have the audacity to call yourself prophet nick and speak such words against Gods original people.

Imagine that, half a so-called minority (that would be the Puerto Rican half, and we could debate just how ‘white’ the Sicilian/Napoletano half is, but let’s not) and I’m a white supremacist?  Hmmm… I attend a predominantly black church and claim many more black friends than white and I’m a white supremacist?  Hmmm… I have many cousins who are both Puerto Rican and black whom I love dearly and I’m a white supremacist?  Common case of someone talking out of their anus.  This is all very interesting, and well, quite sad.  Sad because it bespeaks the mindset of an indoctrinated cultist. 

Worse than the claim that I’m a white supremacist is this notion that everyone in the Bible was black.  What respected and credentialed anthropologist or Biblical scholar on the face of the Earth would support such a claim?  None that I’m aware of.  And this bit about “scientific proof” that Adam and Eve were black… please.  You’d have an impossible time “proving” that they were actual people let alone what color they were.

But here’s the crux of the issue, and this is a point that I have raised numerous times to my cousin and one that he has never even attempted to answer.  If “[t]he ones who populated this earth was black” as Brandy claims and my cousin also believes, then isn’t everyone black, to include whites?  Let me break this down a little further. 

The story goes that this scientist named Yakub conducted experiments on the island of Pulan (a.k.a. Patmos).  On this island he “grafted the white devil.”  The way he did this was by breeding the original blacks with each other and in the process of this breeding taking every genetically inferior child (i.e. the lighter skinned children) and eventually breeding them with other light skinned people, until eventually they developed pale skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair.  Think of Jacob with his father-in-law’s sheep here (Gen. 30). 

So here’s the problem.  If blacks were bred with blacks, who were then bred with lighter blacks, who were then bred with lighter blacks, so on and so forth until they became the “grafted white devil” then how is this “grafted white devil” not “original” and “black”?  Especially in light of the fact that the NOI tells us that if we have a drop of “original blood” in us then we are the original man!  I’ve never received an answer to this question, ever.  And trust me, I’ve asked it a few times. 

Brandy may not want to debate or argue with me, but that’s only because (s)he can’t.


6 thoughts on “Apparently Everyone is Black and I’m a White Supremacist

  1. Well … not too terribly long ago (maybe less than 10 years), there was an anthropological study done that all the races can trace their heritage back to, I think, either one woman a Mitochondrial “Eve so to speak. However, to extrapolate from that, that everyone in the Bible is black is terribly bad and/or ignorant scholarship in my humble opinion. There would have been 10’s of thousands of years between Mitochondrial Eve and the events recorded in the Bible.

    Yes, we may share a common ancestor and in like manner all dogs are indeed wolves. But … there the similarity ends. That’s the beauty of evolution. Darwin got some things right. Within species we do evolve and change … it’s just not possible to create whole new species where they never existed before.

  2. If you start thinking critically about race issues at all it becomes clear that race is really just a social construct. Societies that have cared most about race (Apartheid South Africa, Nazi Germany, Ante-bellum United States, etc.)have come up with very elaborate ways to determine whether a person was in the ‘in’ or ‘out’ race. It gets complicated when you have parents of both races. Then when they have children it gets even more complicated. Who gets to determine who’s black and who’s not? I think you were considered white if not more than one of your great grandparents were black. If you had more than that, you were considered black.

    On this model, it only takes about 100 years to get the racial genetics awfully muddied. Considering the fact that we’ve had time to mix up our racial identities 20 times just since Jesus, it is difficult to say what exactly Black (or any other racial distinction) actually means.

    I have a friend whose dad was black and mom was white, so he interacts well with either culture. He married a Mexican latina girl. Now what race will his children be? Will they be black enough for Brandy, or are they half-breeds, or quarter-breeds or what? My friend is light skinded enough that most people don’t know that he’s black, though he self-identifies as black. He is comfortable with black culture in America, which I suppose are his main ‘credentials’. But what if he had been adopted and raised by a white Norwegian family in rural Wisconsin? His skin tone is light enough that no one would guess that he’s black and he would have nothing else to tie him to being black. For all intents and purposes my friend would be a well-tanned caucasian and no one would think twice about it.

    So it’s not so much that I think Brandy is wrong as it is that I think her argument is meaningless. Race is not on objective reality; it is a social construct.

  3. Sonja: Thanks for the link. I’ll try to check the paper out tomorrow. And it’s the common ancestor thing that really hurts the argument that NOI members put forth.

    Ryan: Interesting thoughts. I don’t know that I quite agree but I’m going to give what you said some more consideration.

  4. The evolutionary argument, as I am sure you know, is that over a number of generations populations in warm sunny places gradually get darker and those in cool dark places gradually get whiter. This is not because suntans are inherited but by natural selection for reasons like that in less sunny areas lighter skinned people do better with vitamins and so live longer and produce more children. So, unless we interfere with natural selection, in a few centuries or millennia, and even if there is no mixing of races (but this depends on minimal migration), the blacks of the US north east will be white, and the whites of the southern states will be black. So then what of Brandy’s arguments?

  5. to be honest with you it shouldnt be a topic of conflict. it doesnt matter what color you are romans says

    “for all have sinned and come short of the glory of god.

    there in none righteous no not one

    revelations 4.11 neither is their salvation in any other for there is none other name under heavne given among men where by we must be saved

  6. Kelvin: I agree. It’s like my pastor always says: “My spirit don’t have no color.” BTW, I think you meant Acts 4:12 instead of Rev. 4:11. :)

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