30 Days of Night

30-days-of-night.jpgIs coming out on DVD tomorrow!!!  I can’t wait!  I wanted to see this movie more than any other movie last year and couldn’t coordinate with anyone to make it happen.  My sister saw it with her husband and none of my friends go to secular movies.  My father got me to see Charlie Wilson’s War (which by the way was excellent), my mother isn’t interested in vampire flicks, and I haven’t found any women that I’d like to date (and most likely when I do they’ll be of the no-secular-movie persuasion as well).  And anyone who knows me knows that there’s two things I won’t do:

  1. See a movie alone (with one exception, Cruel Intentions in 1998 right before going to work).
  2. Eat in a restaurant alone (pizza places don’t count).

In any event, it comes out tomorrow and I will be purchasing my very own copy first thing in the morning.  Woo hoo!


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