Back on the Blogroll

So a while ago I removed James White & Co. from the blogroll because I was just tired of reading the same old stuff all the time and to be quite honest, reading James White always left me with the impression that he was kind of a jerk.  This drew a couple of comments from James himself which left me feeling like he might have been a little nicer than I had originally thought.  Well, I haven’t stopped keeping up with his blog (if it’s proper to call it that since he doesn’t allow comments) nor did I stop linking to posts of interest, but since the blog’s overhaul he has been posting a lot of video posts and I have to say that my impression of him is completely different when I can actually see him as he speaks rather than just read his writing or listen to his podcasts.  In any event, I’ve really been enjoying a lot of his videos especially since he’s been engaging GNRHead of YouTube fame as of late.  So I’m giving the Pros Apologian team another shot on the blogroll.  And this goes to show that sometimes things aren’t always as they seem.  Anyone can get the wrong impression when reading another’s work. 


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