Show and Tell

This morning I was contemplating writing a post where I would ask people to take pictures of their bookshelves or desks and show everyone what they are reading at the moment or about to read in the near future.  But then I thought to myself that not a lot of people would be up for it so I decided not to write the post.  But then Chris Tilling (God bless his heart) posts this where he shows two pictures (1 & 2) of what he’s reading, re-reading, and about to read.  So here I am calling for a bunch of show and tell posts from my fellow bloggers.  If you have a camera, get it out and snap some photos.  Here’s what’s on my desk:

Mostly Review Books

Recreational Reading

More Recreational Reading

My Greek-English Buddies

Your turn.  Just take some pictures and leave a link in the comments.  Treat this like a meme, except everybody is tagged. )



Other Participants include: Shaun Tabatt, Mike Aubrey, James Spinti, J. Ed Komoszewski (and here), Robert Jimenez, ElShaddai Edwards.

Check out the rest of Ed Komoszewski’s library: 12, 3, 4, 56, 7, 8.


35 thoughts on “Show and Tell

  1. nick, question, since you’re a trinity guy, have you ever read Philgons’ blog?

    He’s working on his dissertation on the question of subordination in the Trinity – as it relates to 1 Corinthians 14

  2. When we got a new video camera last year I videod a tour of my library. Yeah, that is geeky. I whipped up a techno loop with ReBirth and put them together into a little vid. Never showed it to anyone. I’ll have to update it, my library grows all the time due to the grand excuse of being a student! I’ll link it if I get it up soon.

  3. Thanks for posting the picture of my study desk, Nick. Feel free to post any other pictures of my library that I sent you awhile back.

    My study desk usually only has a few staples on it, always including a copy of the Greek NT, BDAG, and Wallace’s grammar.

    I’ll try to stack up a few of the volumes on my current reading list and take a few pictures soon.

  4. Ed,

    I had composed a post with all of your pictures this morning and then something went wrong with my computer. I was too frustrated to do it again. But there will be something coming soon.

  5. I told him when he originally sent the photos that he had provoked me to jealousy!

    I was going to say “insane envy” myself, but thought I’d do better to keep it to myself! Oh well…

    When our boys (4 and 2) get big enough to sleep downstairs by themselves, I hope to turn one of their upstairs bedrooms into a study/reading room. I now know what my inspiration will be!

  6. Slurp that drool back up, ElShaddai! :) Every time that I go visit Dan Wallace in Dallas, I’m reminded that my library isn’t so special! Dan has a library that is—both in terms of books and shelves—to die for.

    Of course, I’m grateful that my wife let me have one of our rooms overlooking the lake for my private study. There’s not much to see outside the window during wintertime in Minnesota, though, unless it’s an occasional snowmobile zipping across the ice. But if I’m not careful in the spring, summer, and fall, I find myself looking out the window more than I do looking down at my book!

  7. Now, now, Ed. Just because Wallace’s library may be better (I kind of doubt it though since you have a secret passage!), that doesn’t mean that yours isn’t spectacular. I appreciate you trying to keep the brethren from the sin of jealousy/envy, but it ain’t working!

  8. Wow, that’s beautiful. Ed, and ElShaddai, I’m glad there are more Minnesotans out there. I spent 14 years living about 40 minutes south of Duluth.

  9. Ok, I finally saw Ed’s library almost causes me to cuss (holy … just kidding).

    I will be forwarding to my wife the photos, as we hope to buy a home between now and the next 12 months. We saw a home yesterday, and we talked about expanding the master bedroom to include a study for me. I work from home as well a few days out of the week.

    Ed yours is just awesome!

  10. Robert, I also work at home, and that played a huge factor when it came time to decide how to design my reading room and how much to invest in it. Fortunately, when our family moved from Minneapolis to a small southern Minnesota town, we were able to find a bigger home at a significantly lower price. That left me a small amount of cash to work with. And since the basement of our new home was unfinished, that left me some room for creative design.

    For folks looking to design a reading room on a budget, here are a few thoughts on saving a few bucks. Contact a few cabinet makers and get bids on built-in shelves. Let them know that you’re getting competitive bids; it’ll drive prices down. Another idea is to skip staining the shelves. If mine had been stained and sealed at the workshop, it would have cost me an extra thousand dollars. Instead, I opted to have the natural oak glazed. At first, I was concerned that the wood would be too light, but I was shown samples that naturally darkened over time. I like the way mine have turned out after just three years of aging. I understand that they’ll continue to darken for a total of about five years.

    You may have noticed that my desk is rather tall and my chair is a bar stool. I designed a stand-up desk that was simultaneously built by my cabinet maker, so I got a deal on it. Anyway, I like the option of being able to stand when simultaneously sifting multiple lexicons, commentaries, etc., or sitting when I’m reading something for a prolonged period of time. Standing every so often also does wonders for my back and keeps me more alert when I’m feeling sluggish. I highly recommend this option for those designing a reading room from scratch.

    I could say more about how I designed the desk and swinging bookcase, insulated my walls for sound, etc., but Nick’s post is about books and I don’t want to detour from that subject any more than I already have! If anyone is interested in knowing what I learned when researching stand-up desks, swinging bookcases, etc., please feel free to contact me by e-mail. Just use the address provided at the website linked to my name.

  11. Nick, if folks here would be interested in that sort of thing, I’d be glad to do it. Today and tomorrow I’m preparing for a seminar that I’m teaching this weekend, but I could put some thoughts together by early next week.

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