First Greek Lesson

Well, I just completed my first over-the-phone Greek lesson with Esteban Vázquez and so far I’ve realized that my Greek is more dismal than I had realized.  It’s easy when you have lexicons and other grammatical tools handy and are just blogging about different things, but when it comes to the real thing, it ain’t so easy.  I also have to confess that hearing Vázquez speak Greek made me realize how horrible I (and quite honestly everyone else I’ve ever heard speak Greek) sounded.  He’s truly a master.  Nice fellow too, very patient with all my coughing (I’ve been coughing for weeks now, it sucks!) and ignorance.  All in all it seems to have gone well. 

Oh, and just in case people think that Vázquez is joking when he says he hates Wayne Grudem and heads up Anti-Grudemites International, he isn’t.  He really can’t stand the guy.  I had a nice laugh about that one. :)


18 thoughts on “First Greek Lesson

  1. Yes, I downloaded all of Matthew and Mark quite some time ago. Vázquez can speak both the ‘modern’ Greek and Koine. I was quite impressed. Plus he just knew a bunch of extra crap about the history of the language and all other sorts of interesting bits of info.

  2. What’s the difference in pronunciation between modern Greek and whatever-it-is-Greek that I have been taught. I started with classical Greek, and the only real difference I noticed is that they pronounce ‘eu’ differently than the guys at Sem.

    I see that Zondervan just put out a CD of Bible Readings that I think accompanies their level 2 workbook. It looks interesting.

  3. I don’t know what you’re trying to do here, Norelli, but flattery will get you nowhere. Besides, anyone can sound like an expert teaching the first handful of lessons! ;-)

    Also, there’s nothing funny about Anti-Grudemites International. I would stop laughing, if I were you: remember we take ourselves more seriously than the PLO!

  4. Oh, and just in case people think that Vázquez is joking when he says he hates Wayne Grudem and heads up Anti-Grudemites International, he isn’t. He really can’t stand the guy

    Yes, here is another member! I compete for “head” thank you very much. However, looking back I realize that Grudem has done more than any other author in putting egalitarianism on firm doctrinal footing. Every article he rights reveals clearly the fallacy of his position. I actually didn’t know that there was no example of kephale being used as “authority over” until I read his study. It was like magic realizing that he had done the work and then misquoted his own research in order to give the opposite impression to what his research proved.

  5. Sean: Yes! :-P

    Suzanne: Ironic, isn’t it? ;)

    Eric: Yes, it is! And thanks! But other than not being able to see the teacher I don’t see what the real difference is with learning in person or over the phone. It’s gonna be tough no matter what, but it’s gotta be easier than when I was self-teaching, right?

  6. Yeah, I am pretty much a non-liker of “Dr” Wayne Grudem. I am sure he is a nice person but I think he’s way off on a lot of key theological issues. Really the main positive is that he supports charismatic theology or that spiritual gifts are for today.

  7. Grudem teaches that God takes an inferior position when he helps us in our day of trouble. He does this in order to ensure that the ezer word means subordination. Imagine that in a Systematic theology!

  8. Suzanne> If you can credibly claim that you’ve been in an active, continuous anti-Grudemite campaign since 1996, you may indeed be given a chance to compete for head of the Anti-Grudemites. ;-) But as it stands, you are our Most Honoured Member.

    Peter> We don’t have a website because we’re a semi-secret organisation. You are, of course, most welcome to join; I have witnessed your laudable anti-Grudemism in action. I will be glad to receive your blood-oath at your earliest convenience.

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