Caption Contest

Whoever can provide the best caption to the picture below will win a wonderful Hebrew-English NT (pictured to the left). 

The rules are simple.  You can only submit two captions, so take your time and think about it, if you don’t like your first one or don’t think it will win, you have another chance.  If you submit more than two then you will be automatically disqualified from the contest.

Just a word of caution: the judging is completely subjective and I will pick whoever I like the best.  If you think you know what I’m looking for then you’re probably wrong, so think again before posting your caption. 

The contest will end on Friday (2/8/08).  I will announce the winner some time Saturday (2/9/08) and get their mailing information from them in a private email.  The book will be sent out at my earliest convenience.  Bona Fortuna! 




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