A Thing of Beauty

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever…”  ~ John Keats

The top shelf of the bookcase next to my desk is absolutely beautiful.  I don’t think it possible to have it looking any better than it does right now.  (Although I will admit that the NA27/RSV and Apostolic Fathers only made the trip for the picture, they’ll go right back on my desk.)

From left to right: BDAG; Louw & Nida; Brenton LXX; Greek-English Q; Metzger’s Textual Commentary; UBS4; NA27/RSV NT; Westcott-Hort GNT; Greek-English Apostolic Fathers, 3rd ed.; Kingdom Interlinear Translation; NJPSV Hebrew-English Tanakh; Stone Edition Tanach; Stone Edition Chumash; Hebrew-English NT; Maulana Muhammad Ali Arabic-English Qur’an.



9 thoughts on “A Thing of Beauty

  1. Very nice; that shelf shows that your library is shaping out to be that of a responsible scholar! ;-)

    I do wonder, why you put that godless volume there at the end. I have a copy that very same edition, but of course, I keep it in the bathroom inside my laundry basket, which is about a dishonorable a place I can come up with here where I live. And I have other things to put on my limited shelf space, anyway!

  2. I keep my Yusef Ali Qur’an in the bathroom. ;) The theme of that shelf is foreign language texts and Arabic is definitely a foreign language. But I have to admit that I rather like M.M.A.’s commentary.

  3. I concur that the Qur’an seems out of place. If it were me, the shelf would be limited to Bible and Bible language helps. So I wouldn’t include the Apostolic Fathers on that shelf either. But that’s just me.

    Out of curiousity, how many shelves to you have and by what themes do you classify your other books?

  4. I never even noticed this comment… that’s strange. I have 5 bookcases (2 w/ 5 shelves, 3 w/ 3 shelves), 19 shelves total (plus books on the top of the bookcase in the hallway), and a bunch of books piled up on my desk.

    I’ve been considering doing a complete overhaul for a while on all of my bookcases, but for right now they’re classified by Christology, Trinity, Historical Jesus, Language aids, Church History, Commentaries, Patristics, Apologetics, and some Miscellaneous. Most of the stuff on my desk is for review so I guess you could call that a classification.

    But I need a better system. Some of the stuff I have on my Trinity/Christology shelf really belongs with Church History stuff. It’s hard to pick where something goes when there’s some degree of overlap.

    How do you classify your books?

  5. I need more shelves and I haven’t done much organization since I moved in, so my “method” is to remember where I put a book – the new ones tend to get shoved horizontally between the nicely-stacked books and the shelf above it. That’s why I didn’t take a picture. I’m way too disorganized.

    But in general my sections are Theology, Old Testament, New Testament , a separate Jesus shelf, and another for Paul. These are the sections that are distinct and more-or-less organized. Then I have sections that are mostly worship, preaching, apologetics/philosophy, hermeneutics, and history, though I have other books thrown in with no rhyme or reason, e.g. I think my Quran is on one of those shelves. I try to keep my popular level books are on shelves outside of my office, though they regularly sneak into the office and get mixed into the shuffle.

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