Wish List Update

It’s been a while since anyone has purchased anything for me off of my Amazon wish list and I realized that it was simply too much to sift through.  There were almost 200 books on the list.  So to make your decisions easier I have created multiple wish lists and distributed all of the books to them.  I have also removed quite a few books from the lists as well.  This way there won’t be as much to go through when you are deciding which books to buy me. ;)

So without further ado, here are links to my updated wish lists:

Happy shopping!  I certainly know that your shopping will make me happy. :-P



One thought on “Wish List Update

  1. I love shopping at amazon too, but I also like gifts from other sites.

    So this year I switched Wish List to YouCouldgetme.com

    This allows me to add gifts from any web site, including Amazon.

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