BHS, LXX, NA27, Vulgate Online

All of your favorite Biblical texts (BHS, LXX, NA27, Vulgate) are available on the German Bible Society website.  Dig in!

bhs.jpg     lxx.jpg     na27.jpg     vulgate.jpg


(HT: Tim Ricchuiti)


3 thoughts on “BHS, LXX, NA27, Vulgate Online

  1. One of my daughters is learning German and just asked last night for a German Bible. She’ll love this site.

  2. Thanks for posting a link to this. I’ve got a Greek NT and BHS OT, but I don’t yet have a copy of the Septuagint, so this will come in handy in the meantime.


  3. Shaun,

    No problem. I got the link from Tim Ricchuiti who got it from someone else. In the end I guess we just have to thank those wonderful Germans. ;)

    I have a couple Greek NTs (UBS4, NA27, and Westcott-Hort), and Brenton’s LXX. I’d like to get the one that’s online but it’s too much money right now. I also have three Hebrew Bibles (well, four if you count the Hebrew NT), but none of them have a critical apparatus. I don’t have any Vulgates though (other than the one on my Bible software).

    I only wish that these online versions had the textual variants listed. Maybe there’s some way to access them and I just haven’t found out yet. I’m going to have to keep playing around with them.

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