Top 10 List: Ways to Make Your Blog More Popular

1.    Post on inerrancy (people eat that stuff up).

2.    Buddy up to Jim West and Chris Tilling (contrary to what Jim says, him and Tilling
       do run the blogosphere)

3.    Challenge Jim West on anything (hey, some people hate the guy so they love to
       see him called out).

4.    Post frequently (if you don’t then you’re blog might as well be a dead link),

5.    Get yourself mentioned in a Carnival (a lot of people read them and a good
       amount actually click the links).

6.    Tear down a sacred idol or two (e.g., Firefox or Macintosh computers).

7.    Offer free stuff (you don’t actually have to give anything away, just ask Ryan
       Jones — original offer, more promisesnon-fulfillment).

8.    Comment a lot on other people’s blogs (but not in that obnoxious, ‘hey, check out
       my post on my blog’ kind of way).

9.    Be yourself (even if that means being hated, at least people will have to read you
       to hate you, Just ask Jim West).

10.  Interact with the blogging community at large (The venerable Dr. West once told
, “No man is an island. Not even in blogdom.”)


18 thoughts on “Top 10 List: Ways to Make Your Blog More Popular

  1. Sage advice. I think I’ve got the challenging/being-hated-by Jim West thing down, I just need to work on a few of the others. Unfortunately, your post also led me to John Hobbins extensive list of blogs, which made me realize I’ve got a lot of work to do!

    P.S. thanks for the blogroll add.

  2. Tim you misunderstood. He didn’t say make Jim hate you. He said plenty of people hate him (me) so say something bad about him (me) and folk will be drawn like flies to poo in order to read it. Nick, I paraphrase… ;-)

    Anyway, Tim, I don’t hate you!

  3. Hmmm…. Methinks Nick is trying to buddy up in a weird way with Jim West with this post by mentioning him in four of the ten things. :) J/K

    So, to get to the point, go check out my blo….. :-D

  4. I personally love just challenging Dr. West instead. A whole heck of a lot easier, and more fun! Besides, I tried the buddy up thing, got my blog listed as a link on his web site for like 12 hours or something, and then lost it immediately afterwards. That didn’t work out so well for me in the end.

  5. I think you forgot “write good interesting posts that people will want to read and interact with.” Or maybe that was implied.

    Bryan L

  6. Commenting on other people’s blogs is such a sorry way of getting yours mentioned. I can’t believe anyone would do that :). It’s so improper!

  7. Pete,

    Really? I’ve found that when I tell people to go to hell they stop reading. Funny how that works, huh? :lol:


    It’s good that you’ve improperly commented on this post. Due to your improperly improper comment I’ve checked out your blog and so far I like what I see. You have been added to the feed reader. ;)

  8. What’s that? Offering free stuff got people to read my blog? Guess I didn’t notice. :) Alright, alright. I’ll pick a winner and send the stinkin’ book. But the rules were that you were supposed to give me a blog title I could use.

    This year so far I’m going with the ‘think about all the posts you could do and then never write them’ method. It hasn’t worked so well for getting more people to read me, but it has helped me to get more stuff done in my actual life.

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