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I’m coming across more and more Charismatic bloggers as I navigate the wonderful world of Biblioblogdom.  A brief listing of Charis-maniacs includes:

I know there’s more out there… If you’re a tongue-talker then let me know who you are — I’m thinking about putting together of Charismatic Coalition for World Domination.  We can pray in the Spirit and speak our every desire into existence! ;)  Seriously though, if you are a Charismatic blogger or know of any other Charismatic bloggers, drop a comment.


Update (1:11 AM): I mean Charismatic Theo/Biblio-Bloggers.  I’m not interested in reading sister Shirley’s Recipe Page just because she’s a Charismatic Christian.  I’m looking for Biblical studies or Theology blogs.  Thanks :-)


21 thoughts on “Charismatic Bloggers

  1. And Biblical Studies work…

    Craig Keener, Larry Hurtado, and Gordon Fee are all Assemblies of God guys… And let’s not forget Max Turner… Charismatics are on the come up!

  2. I rather think it’s like this: Anthony D. Palma and Stanley Horton were the groundbreaking academic scholars, and Fee, Keener, Hurtado and Turner are the excelling second generation. What’s coming up next, however, are merely the leftovers, push-asides and wannabes. ;-)

  3. I’m not familiar wirth Palma but it was an egregious error on my part to leave out Horton :( And everyone is a leftover, push-aside, and wannabe in the shadow of these giants…

  4. Surely you jest you Zwinglivarian you…

    Max Turner is your former roomates doktorvater and I know that you’ve had to have at least come across Craig Keener’s commentaries on Matthew or John (and I know you despise IVP for their fundamentalism but he even wrote a nice little NT Bible Background commentary for them). Horton I can understand you possibly not knowing… But he’s a giant in the Penetcostal world.

  5. In fact, Jim posted a picture of Tilling with his doktorvater Turner, so surely he’s not only heard of him, but met him in the very flesh!

    As for Keener, I would be greatly distraught if the Rev. Dr. West was not acquainted, at the very least, with the commentaries that Nick cites (see here and here (And as I mentioned elsewhere on this blog, I particularly enjoyed his commentary on Revelation for the the NIV Application Commentaries, which I profitably read cover to cover.)

    Of course, in Gift and Giver, Keener tells a story in which he takes on Bultmann, stresses the role of “eyewitnesses” to miracles, and ends up calling him “an ethnocentric cultural bigot”–so the estimable Dr. West might take great offense at Keener’s scholarship. ;-)

  6. I think Keener is actually a baptist and not an AOG. Gift and Giver is an awesome book. He’s so candid in that book.

    Max Turner is also a charismatic baptist.

    Witherington tells an interesting story of how he became a charismatic through attending Gordon Fee’ home group with his wife who was a lapsed catholic. He tells it in Fee’s lecture on Christology at Asbury.

  7. I guess you can sort of add me though I am slow going in doing serious blogging… pastoring and having an 11 month old daughter kind of keeps me busy…

    Both my wife and I just graduated from aGts with an MDiv (me biblical languages/theology – her cross-cultural studies)

    Keener may be American Baptist because while he supports pentecostal theology – he takes issue with one particular AG “distinctive.”

    And Keener is only the way he is scholarship wise because of his mentor Dr. Benny C. Aker, now professor emeritus at aGts. And Keener would be the first to tell you this.

  8. Thanks for listing me.

    There is also a list of “Select Pentecostal, Charismatic, and Assemblies of God Bloggers” at Pneumablogs, maintained (I don’t know how actively) by Rich Tatum. I have displayed his “PneumaBlogger” button for some time, although for several months he hasn’t updated my blog name in his list.

  9. Nick,

    I just came across your blog by way of Reclaiming your Mind blog. I too am a Charismatic thinking Christian. Stop by my blog when you have a chance.

    I added you to my blogroll!


  10. Greetings

    I found this blog via a google trail on “Larry Hurtado audio” … which led me to John Hobbins’ “ancient hebrew poetry” … and somehow here.

    I have a new blog but don’t want to submit it here. (I’m still getting it set up, so to speak, and don’t know how active I’ll be on it, etc.).

    However, I’m charismatic and a former (Assemblies of God) pentecostal; having almost graduated from Central Bible College in Springfield, MO (1976-1981). There, I had Stanley Horton and Benny Aker as profs. Horton, unfortunately, only for biology (he had plans to become a scientist when he got saved, btw). And Aker, for Hermeneutics and Romans … way excellent!

    One reason I left college and the A/G was: I became an amillennialist while a student at CBC. I went to “Brother Horton” (we called our profs. “brother” or “sister” back then) for counsel. In two sessions of going over the Scriptures I found that I couldn’t be in the A/G. Bro Horton advised that, while I could “be” an amillennialsit in the A/G, I couldn’t (ever) say anything contrary to the A/G Statement of Faith (officially, premillennial & dispensationalist). As a result I couldn’t stay in the A/G and keep a “good conscience” in this matter ….

    From what I’ve found, Larry Hurtado is no longer pentecostal. I don’t have the resource handy but read it yesterday. He may be charismatic (?) but is no longer A/G and/or a pentecostal.

    Stanley Horton is also no longer a “classical pentecostal” (since 1995). I don’t know how to make links on WordPress blogs but here’s the url to an interview in 1999:

    Horton said ….
    “Am I a Classical Pentecostal or a Charismatic?”
    “I have struggled over what to “label” myself. I have an Assemblies of God background (started pastoring in an A/G church in 1976), and the A/G folks are what is theologically called Classical Pentecostals. By definition, to be a Classical Pentecostal, one must hold to the idea that speaking in tongues is the initial, physical evidence of the baptism in the Holy Spirit. (Please do not confuse the Classical Pentecostals with the United Pentecostals cult. I am weary of those who lump anyone with the title “Pentecostal” into the same “batch of dough.”) I held to that idea until circa 1995. Confronted with my own exegetical conclusions though personal Bible study, I had to drop that theological perspective. Oops! Now, I am no longer a Classical Pentecostal. Well, might I be a Charismatic? Nope.”

    He goes on to say Gordon Fee is also no longer a classical pentecostal:
    “There are a few well-known people that I would be close to in my modified Pentecostalism; Gordon D. Fee, professor of New Testament at Regent College in Vancouver, Canada, is one. Though Dr. Fee is a part of the Assemblies of God (in Canada), he does not hold to the Classical Pentecostal idea that speaking in tongues is the initial, physical evidence of the baptism in the Holy Spirit, yet his background is in the A/G.”

    At any rate, I “know” Michael Patton & crew, having been in many TTP sessions a couple years ago (till my ancient computer couldn’t get into Paltalk any more. I hope to fix this soon).

    Also, I’ve been in touch with Benny Aker some in the last few years. He’s now retired from AGTS. I’ve lost his email address but hope to contact again him (somehow) before long.

    I’ve seen your posts on P&P and am a regular reader though I haven’t posted there (I’m not sure how to do the html on WordPress is part of why-not).

    Thanks for reading,
    Rick C.

  11. I happened to run across this post in my travels. I see Turretinfan has offered me up as a charismatic.

    If you define “charismatic” as “continuationist/non-cessationist”.. then yes, I’m charismatic. However, if you define it as “tongue-talker” (or for that matter, “snake handler” or “poison drinker”.. then no, I’m not charismatic.

    I take 1 Corinthians 12:11 literally… particularly the phrase “as he wills.” No particular gift is necessary as “evidence” of salvation. (And to note, it is fruits of the Spirit, not the Gifts, that are evidence of salvation). So, everyone gets one or more gifts, but not necessarily any particular one of them. Further, gifts are for the edification of the church and building of the kingdom. Blabbing along in some tongue nobody understands, or healing millions of people on stage every week, seems to be contrary to the scriptural purpose of the gifts.

    My blog is not necessarily geared that direction though. Just thought I’d drop in since I heard my name mentioned.

    … carry on…

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