Buzzard’s Book Arrived

jesus-was-not-a-trinitarian.jpgI haven’t had time to mention this yet, but Anthony Buzzard’s new book just arrived in the mail this afternoon.  My sincerest thanks to Anthony for sending a copy!  To my dismay, when I opened the package the book’s upper right corner was severely bent and it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to get it back to normal (even if I do attempt to use vice grips).  Of course this isn’t going to affect the readability of the book, but I’m kind of obsessive compulsive when it comes to the way I keep my literature.  I loaned a friend a book by Smith Wigglesworth once only to find him eating while reading it and he had the front cover bent behind the back of the book!  I was mortified!  And to make things worse, when he gave it back there was a food stain in it from his meal from Arby’s!!!

In any event, I’ve read the forward and the first couple of pages so far.  Immediately I have some problems with the arguments set forth (more on that in posts to come). In the forward, Clifford Durousseau uses a rather blatant polemic to introduce what he claims is a book “marked by an irenic tone.” [p. x]  He refers to the doctrines of the Trinity, the preexistence of Christ, the eternal generation of the Son, the incarnation, and the hypostatic union as a “trap” and this book is to be an “invaluable resource for those who have escaped the trap…” [p. ix]  Also worth noting is the standard reference to the death of Michael Servetus for his anti-Trinitarian views expressed in De Erroribus Trinitatis.  Of course this is a standard rhetorical ploy used by many Unitarians in an attempt to paint Trinitarians as heresy hunting murderers.  Let’s hope that Dr. Buzzard doesn’t use the same tactics to argue his point throughout the book.

I have to admit that I will not be reviewing this book in the same manner that I have been reviewing others.  I will be treating this volume as a dialogue/debate partner, pointing out where I disagree and my reasons for doing so.  Likewise I will be fair and concede any point that I feel Dr. Buzzard argues effectively.  So there will be no short synopsis of this work with a recommendation to buy or not buy it; nor will there be a table of contents to read mini-reviews of each chapter.  The truth is that I don’t know how many posts are going to come from this volume — it could be 5 it could be 500.  Ultimately, it is the arguments that catch my eye that I will interact with the most.


3 thoughts on “Buzzard’s Book Arrived

  1. i let a friend of mine borrow David deSilva’s Introduction to the New Testament

    only to find it later on his desk underneath a large pile of other books and dirty plates (!) thoroughly damaging the binding.

    And when he returned it, he had added a couple extra coffee stains to it.

    Now, I admit that I’ve split coffee on just about every Bible I’ve used over the past 4 years. That’s because I enjoy studying in coffee houses (I miss Chicago). But its a whole other thing to spill coffee on someone else’s book. Its worse than finding highlighting in a library book you’re checked out. If you’re going to highlight, but your own copy, don’t mark up books you don’t own.

    okay, sorry, rant over!

  2. I don’t drink too much coffee but I’ve never spilt Pepsi (which I drink religiously) on any of my books. That’s because I don’t read at the kitchen table nor do I ever have beverages by my books (that means no drinks at the desk and no using the bookshelves as coasters).

    But I won’t loan out books after the incident with my friend. But as bad as my friend is, his wife is a hundred times worse. She’s gone through at least 7 Bibles since I’ve known her and not because she read them all the time. They just get flung around and left all over the place. Truly disturbing…

  3. yeah, coffee, for me, is a little different since its always sitting at a table in a coffee shop, kind of like sitting at the kitchen table.

    yes, no more loading for me either, unless I already know that the person whose borrowing it is just as much if not more book obsessive than I am.

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