Parchment and Pen Goes Big Brother

Richard of Parchment and Pen has informed the world that P&P is not the place to make a name for one’s self.  There are a few characters over there who shall remain nameless who have a tendency to hog the comments with ridiculously long posts that more often than not veer off topic and have nothing to do with the current thread.  So to remedy this situation all comments have been limited to 500 words or 2500 characters. 

While I understand the reasons behind the limits I just pray that P&P doesn’t go the way of James White’s blog and not allow any comments.  It is my opinion that a blog isn’t really a blog if there is no interaction.  Sure, in the technical sense it’s still a web log of whoever’s thoughts but blogging is a communal activity.  If you don’t allow comments then don’t call it a blog, call it a website. 

In any event, I’m saddened by the truncating of comments at P&P because those of us who leave long but thoughtful responses will no longer be able to do so (I have in mind Sean Babu, Vance Mac, myself, and a few others…), but I guess those are the breaks.  This is a prime example of the few ruining things for the many. :(


9 thoughts on “Parchment and Pen Goes Big Brother

  1. No need to worry about all interaction being closed. One of the tenets of RMM is that theology should be done in community. With you, I hate that limits must be placed on all because of the actions of a few, and perhaps these limits can be lifted in the future.

    In the meantime, I hope that this does not scare anyone away from valuable contribution. I have to say, however, that “Big Brother” is an overstatement. As I mentioned in one of the comments, this was not a snap decision (no pun intended!), but one that came only after trying to work with individuals one-on-one.

  2. When people like Kent and Thomas Weddle show up Critical Text champions get nervous. They bank on fooling an ignorant audience (just like liberal politicians do), and can’t afford being shown up to any degree. They know they are vulnerable to the truth.

  3. **snorts** That is rather funny. “A place where scholars can submit their thoughts.”


    500 words, and small ones at that. ‘Twould be much better to hold comments and bounce the bad ones rather than censor everyone. Most bloggers would be ecstatic to have that sort of traffic.

    My impression has been that they’ve never really been sure of what they want to do over there (or, how best to execute what they want to do). Most of the posts (posts, not blogs, please get the terminology right) were titled with questions (half the time questions not quite matching the actual content of the post). A question is an invitation to discussion, yet when too much discussion occurs, they get skittish.

    All that remains is the impression that they want

  4. posts, not blogs, please get the terminology right

    :-D LOL!!! You know, I almost wrote a BLOG on that very issue! LOL!!! :-D

    That’s one thing that irked me as well… But I agree with you that they should just moderate comments by holding them in queue and then approving the good ones — or what would be even better is to just ban the problem commentators altogether. I’m sure they have the capabilities to do so.

    I generally only frequented P&P for the discussions in the comments… CMP as much as I love him never really blew me away with too many of his BLOGS :-P — And more times than not a lot of them are too long to read through. I value conciseness in blogging — if I want to read a book then, well… I’ll read a book.

    We’ll see what happens over there… I’ll continue to check them out on a probationary basis but if I don’t like the way things are going then I’ll cease and desist…

  5. Yeah, I’ll still check it out occasionally, but I’m not about to mess around with a character limit.

    I could say a lot more but shan’t.

  6. You could say a lot more but my new character limit would just cut it off… you were pressing it with that last comment… Had you said ‘shall not’ the ‘ot’ would have been cut off. ;)

  7. Nick N.~

    They do ban. I was banned. Granted, I was hasseling both Patton and Wallace about removing text from the codified Bible.

    I never actually tried to post again after Patton and I exchanged several e-mails–I decided their aim is less about evangelizing the Word, and more about evangelizing their product and making mo….**SELF-CENSORS THOUGHT OUT OF CHARITY.** :)

  8. Greetings. My impression, at the moment, is that P&P currently exists to express and promote the ideas of the bloggers — not to debate, discuss, or question them. And if you don’t like the new policy, tough. Get your own blog.

    Isn’t the irenic approach great?

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