Convert or Die Meme

With all these memes floating around the biblioblogosphere I thought that I might as well start one of my own.  This isn’t something that is going to require any deep reflection upon Scripture like the ‘what ten verses are key to understanding the bible’ meme that John Hobbins started.  It’s not going to save a life like Lingamish’s meme requesting 5 up and coming blogs.  And it won’t cause you to think back to the past like the ’10-20-30′ meme that hit so many folks a couple weeks ago.  My question is this:

If your life depended on it and you absolutely had to change your denomination/religion, what denomination/religion would you convert to?

I’m not looking for any super-pious ‘I’d rather die than change’ answers… I’m looking to gauge how far away from or how close to one’s present denominational/religious affiliation people would be willing to go if their lives depended on it.  In other words, I want to see how staunch folks are in their religious convictions or if we have some closet doubters who are already thinking of ways/reasons to convert to something else.

Your response should state your present denomination/religion and then the one to which you would convert if absolutely necessary along with a brief reason why.  I’ll set it off…

I am presently a Charismatic-Pentecostal.  If I had to convert I would remain within the ranks of Christendom and look to a High Church atmosphere in the Wesleyan tradition (UMC) with a focus on sacramentalism.  Something similar to the Reverend Greg Neal’s church.  While I love the free-flowing praise and worship of Pentecostalism I often long for more order and structure — I believe that this order along with a profound reverence can be found in the sacramental liturgy of Greg Neal’s particular brand of Wesleyanism. 

I tag Esteban Vázquez (a.k.a. voxstefani), Doug ChaplinT. Michael W. Halcomb, and Sean Babu.


7 thoughts on “Convert or Die Meme

  1. Nick, thanks for tagging me with this one. The problem is I really have no idea how to answer it. I will give it some thought and if I can find something to say, I shall have a go.

  2. I am semi-officially with a major Pentecostal denomination.

    I could easily switch over to Anglicanism if it weren’t for the infant baptism–that’s by far the biggest theological hurdle. Actually, I’ve got one foot in it already and have for many years. My wife’s family is in the Anglican communion, we got married in it, and when we don’t have a (sane) (English-speaking) Pentecostal church to attend, that’s where we go.

  3. Probably Free Methodist (from UMC), although I’ve heard that they have a lower sacramental theology. They emphasis on holiness is critical for my theological worldview.

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