An Interview With Myself

Josh McManaway was recently interviewed by Jacob Paul Breeze at New Testament and Faith, Chris Tilling was also recently interviewed by T. Michael W. Halcomb at Pisteuomen, and once a month a biblioblogger is interviewed by either Jim West or Brandon Wason at That’s quite a bit of interviewing going on so I figured that I’d throw my hat into the ring and interview myself, since let’s face it, no one else is gonna do it. Here goes…


Editorial Note: Nick Norelli is the author of Rightly
Dividing the Word of Trtuh at:

Nick1: So Nick, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Nick2: Well Nick, I’d imagine that I’m not really all that different from you. I enjoy pizza, cinnamin buns, and beer, but I refrain from the latter so as not to ruin my figure. I prefer boxers to briefs and American films to foreign — I mean gas prices are high enough right?, there’s no need to support the French by watching that drivel they call cinema.  Other than that I like to read about theology, especially Trinitarian theology. I’m on a Christology kick right now, and I mix a little historical Jesus in for good measure. I have a 5 year old daughter who just started kindergarten this year and is as smart as a whip.  Other than that there isn’t much to tell… oh yeah, ladies… I’m single ;)

Nick1: Umm… er… Thanks(?) Nick — that was probably a little more than we needed to know. So where do you see the field of NT studies going in the next few decades.

Nick2: To be honest with you Nick, I don’t see it going anywhere.  I think that in the next few decades people will still be studying the NT. But I have been hearing talk around the blogosphere lately that Chris Tilling and Jim West were plotting to buy up all the land in and around inner city Detroit, MI in an attempt to move NT studies over there. Time will tell.

Nick1: Nick, you’re not too bright are you? Anyway… What is it about Trinitarian theology that interests you so much?

Nick2: Well Nick, I’m certainly not the sharpest bulb in the cookie jar, but I think the main thing that interests me about Trinitarian theology is the fact that it is the only true theology. When I read through the NT I can see the Trinity in every facet of our lives, from creation to redemption, from prayer to worship, from the proclamation of the gospel to the resurrection of believers. Every time I think I’ve got this thing figured out I learn something new.

Nick1: If you could bring any three books about the Trinity with you to the bathroom when you are coaching the Browns to the Super Bowl, what would they be?

Nick2: I’d have to say without a doubt that Robert Letham’s The Holy Trinity: In Scripture, History, Theology, and Worship would make the cut. Umm… The Trinity: An Interdisciplinary Symposium on the Trinity would also come with me for Gordon Fee’s essay alone, and last but not least, J.N.D. Kelly’s Early Christian Doctrines. There’s no better or more terse treatment of the Trinity from Patristic sources than Kelly’s work.

Nick1: What’s it like being a single dad?

Nick2: It’s a lot of work but it’s pretty cool.  One thing is for sure, God gives us kids to give us a glimpse into what he goes through. Every time my daughter disobeys a direct order I want to kill her — I can imagine how a completely holy, righteous, and just God feels when we sin against him. But in the end I always get over it and forgive her — I think this is certainly analogous of God’s love for sinners.

Nick1: I noticed on your about me page that you said you like vampire movies… why?

Nick2: Nick, I think the question to ask is why not? What’s not to like about vampire flicks?  They’re immortal yet they can be killed in any number of ways. They’re alive but they’re dead. They’re seductive yet repulsive.  It’s a big paradox — not unlike some things in theology. But in the end it boils down to there being some pretty good action in vampire flicks.  Sure, some aren’t action packed like Interview With A Vampire or Nosferatu, but they have their own strengths.

Nick1: Why do you think that anyone would be interested in your love for vampire movies?

Nick2: To tell you the truth Nick, I don’t! You’re the one asking the questions genius!  I sense that you’re trying to set me up or something — what’s your problem man!?

Nick1: What do you mean, ‘what’s my problem?’

Nick2: What do you mean ‘what do I mean?’ What do you mean?

Nick1: What do you mean what do I mean about asking what you mean about what I mean in regards to what you mean?

Nick2: You wanna step outside?

Nick1: Uhh… This is a blog interview. If I step outside you won’t be there.

Nick2: Uhh… I am you, you idiot!  Wherever you step I’ll be there — it’s like a Psalm 139 type situation tough guy…

Nick1: Thanks for being a complete jerk… This is why no one wants to interview you! I’m finished here!

Nick2: Well I’ll grant you that — but since you’re finished then I am too! So there!


14 thoughts on “An Interview With Myself

  1. And the more that I think about it… yes, I do need some attention. I was only listed as #2 on Jim West’s list of up and coming blogs to look out for — I fugure this interview should put me over the top ;)

    And truth be told… sometimes us insomniacs get a little bored… so we start to, umm… talk to ourselves… sometimes we even interview ourselves… and I don’t know if you’ve seen Fight Club, but on rare occasions we even fight ourselves. :)

  2. This is hilarious, Nick! It’s by far the best ‘blogger’ interview I’ve ever read :-)

  3. Nancy: Wow, you commented on this back in May? How did I miss it? Anyway, vampires are certainly not worse than clowns! In fact, nothing is!

    Steph: Why thanks you ma’am. :-)

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