Why I Don’t Do Chat Rooms Anymore

I used to frequent America Online Chatrooms daily.  I would spend hours at a time in the chat rooms debating topics like the deity of Christ, the doctrine of the Trinity, the nature of the Gospel, etc… I interacted with Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Muslims, Jews, Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Buddhists, Atheists, and more… But in the end it was always the same thing… We would argue in circles talking past each other the entire time and never get anywhere.  Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE arguing!  I love everything about it but I came to see that the only ones who seemed to be benefiting from the exchanges were those who already agreed with the positions I was arguing in favor of. 

There was a time when I used to learn so much from those I would speak with daily, even if sometimes I learned what not to believe, but I had since reached a level in my study where I was learning less and less from those individuals to the point of almost not picking up anything new at all.  Sadly, my love for learning was no longer being nurtured in the chat rooms.

It is for these reasons that I don’t do chat rooms anymore… There’s no point.  I know many people who genuinely enjoy the fellowship that comes from chat rooms but the truth is that was never my reason for spending time in them.  No offense to any of the people I’ve chatted with but if I want to fellowship with likeminded believers then I’ll call up my friends and we’ll get together and do something.  That’s not to say that I didn’t really enjoy speaking with these people, in fact in many cases I did, but my main reasons were arguing and learning. 

From time to time I’ll pop in the Christian Beliefs chat room and see what’s going on but I can’t stand to spend any great length of time in there these days.  It’s always the same lame arguments, the same lame ducks making them, and the same perpetual circle of never getting anywhere. 

The good news is this… While internet chat rooms were my fallen nature, blogging has become my salvation!  I find the level of discussion to be much better with blogs and I can interact with a ton of people who know way more than I can ever hope to.  A new biblical studies blog pops up every day and I can just sit back and bask in the information provided by these well educated men and women.  And if the mood strikes and I feel I have something to say then I can comment — if not I can just enjoy the show. 

In closing… chat rooms are wack… blogging is awesome!



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