Moses Flores vs. Gnrhead on the Canon

Moses Flores and Gnrhead have been going back and forth on the issue of the canon.  Watch the exchange.

I continue to be much less than impressed with Gnrhead’s arguments. :(


6 thoughts on “Moses Flores vs. Gnrhead on the Canon

  1. supposedly, Mr. William “GNRHead” is going to be sending his opening rebuttal to the Sola Scriptura debate “soon”….it was supposed to be in last night!!!

  2. Gives me the giggles, seeing as to how Moses left the final response out. I wonder why

    Maybe cause he never could refute anything I presented. Shows the sad case for Protestantism

  3. William,

    This is my blog. I’m Nick, the guy who responded to your challenge many moons ago (and here), not Moses’. He didn’t leave anything out and as of the date of this post (Sep. 25, 2007) these were the only videos posted on YouTube. If you’d like to link to a final response in the comments then please, feel free.

    But that aside, I’ve always been less than impressed with the way you present your position and argue your points, and your final sentence here is another example of why. You go from the specific to the general. Let’s suppose that this was Moses’ blog (which it isn’t) and he did purposely leave off your last response (which he didn’t) — How do we get from action of one individual to the characterization of an entire group?

  4. You responded to no challenge either, I answered right back with a video directed right to you that you did NOT respond to in anyway. Regardless of whose blog this is, my final response was left out. Interesting.

    I also didn’t check this blog out, I was simply sent it in an email so I came, left a quick post and left, so sorry for not noticing who it belonged to

  5. William,

    Umm… maybe you should check the links from my last comment. I responded to your initial challenge here and then I responded to your response here.

    And I understand that you didn’t check the blog, although I did leave the url in the comments to your second video. I don’t know if you moderate your comments but mine was never approved or posted or whatever. In any event, you have the links above for the second time.

    Also, if you responded to Moses after what I have above then you did so at a later date. Like I said before, these were all the videos there were at the time of this post.

    And no worries about not noticing whose blog this was. I just didn’t want you to think that Moses was trying cut anything out of your dialogue.

    Be well…

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